New Things

So, I never really noticed before but more and more lately I am starting to realize I love learning new things! I love learning a new technique in knitting or sewing. I love learning a new recipe. I love learning about different areas that have nothing to do with each other or with anything that I normally interested in. I just get so curious and want to try something with my own two hands. I can’t help it.

This week I am home for five days without having to go into work. That is such a huge blessing. I mean money is great but honestly on the days I have to go into work I just feel so depressed going into my job. I am not a fan of where I work or honestly some of the people I work with but that happens at any job really. So, having five whole days to myself has done wonders for my curiosity. I am currently making a new hat, it is different form ones that I have previously done (Pics to come later!). I am also planning to get done a yoga mat carrier. ( That will be knit too!) There are a couple other things I would like to do but those are the two main focal points over the next several days.

Another thing that I have been learning more and more of is cutting hair and lightening it. I have fairly dark hair that does not take to blonde streaks or highlights easily and there are definitely some colors I am looking to put into my hair that will take bleaching first before I can put those colors in. Well, getting this done professionally is super expensive, whereas if I can learn how to properly lighten my hair without being stupid or too damaging, I honestly think I can pull this off really well! So, that is also something I am learning more about over the next several days.

So, all this to say, I am pretty sure I was born to work from home. I am loving this amazing weather we are having and it is bringing on so much inspiration and there is just such a sense of relaxation and peace knowing I do not have to go to work. Well, I am off to keep nursing my sick bearded dragon back to health and continuing to learn some more about knitting and hair dying.

See ya!

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