Weekend Update

So, as I said, I went to visit my family this weekend! It was so nice just to get away from the things going on in my everyday life for a couple of days. This was the first time that my family had met my new dog Faelyn. They loved him! I enjoyed seeing how he and their dog Biscuit got along. It was interesting to see the challenge of dominance on both sides and how they each dealt with a new dog around. Faelyn loved seeing the horses my family is watching! He was desperate to play with them and run around with them. He also decided he was going to sleep on my old bed on Friday night. It gave him a perfect view out the window and he could easily watch the door to make sure we were safe. Haha!

Last week I was working on a new hat! It was great! It would’ve taken me one day but with my lizard having health problems and then passing away, I ended up taking longer. But, I was able to finish my hat right after I got to my family’s house and I have great pictures! I honestly think I like this one a lot more than the other hats I have made.

My little man enjoying the sunshine through the window as I knit and blog last week 🙂

I started with this beautiful U.S.A. grown cotton yarn from Peaches and Creme! I absolutely love not only this color but the feel of this yarn as well! It is to die for!

I have the ribbing done and am making progress on the rest of the hat. It feels amazing!

And here is the finished product! Honestly, it fits and lays better than the other hats did! I love this hat! I wore it all day on Friday!

If you want one of these hats, I am selling them for $20. I am not only offering it in the red as shown above but also in these additional three colors! They are super comfy and a perfect addition to your spring wardrobe!

Well, I am off to a full work week as well as a full week of new classes!

See ya!

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