Totally Awesome Tuesday: Chaco

This week I want to start Totally Awesome Tuesdays, where I share something like a product or book or show or what have you that I found to be super awesome this week. This week we will start with my favorites shoes!

Last week I sent out my Chaco sandals to be rewebbed. If you do not know what Chaco sandals are, check out this link here. They are super comfy sandals and are great not only for just running around town in but also for hiking or any kind of outdoor activity. I got these Chacos probably about two years ago. I had double straps but they just did not fit right on my feet, so I sent them in to get single straps. Well, today I got them back and oh my goodness, they are so much more comfortable! I do not even want to take them off!

I love Chacos so much because I have a high arch on my food and running around in flip flops or other shoes that do not have any foot support end up killing my feet. However, Chaco has soles that go along with the contour of your foot and provide such amazing support! My feet definitely do not hurt after running around all day in them. Plus, they have such great colors.

The ones I originally had were red in color, but the new straps are more purple pink and brown. I like them a lot! I am definitely not a pink person most of the time but on these Chacos I could definitely be a fan!

Well, I am off to keep picking up the house before work and planning more of my blog topics for next month’s A-Z writing challenge!

See ya!

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