Weekend Update!

Wow, what a weekend! It really felt like such a whirlwind. Let’s see where to even start…

Well, I last blogged on Wednesday so we will start on Thursday. I got up early to go help out at my church do their bi-weekly food pantry. I had never helped them out before and honestly I had so much fun! I told TJ that I wish I had that as my job all the time or at least that it happened weekly. It was just fun. These people had some of the funniest stories and some of the greatest personalities. I really enjoyed my morning and afternoon helping the food pantry out. I then went home for a short period of time and had lunch with my husband before he went off to work and then went off to work myself. I was running on about 4 hours of sleep, which honestly is not something that helps me focus very well or do very well at work. But I got a nice big soda and pushed on through my night.

Friday, I was able to get a little bit of sleep before getting up to run errands and do things around the house before I had yet another busy night at work. It was not a horribly busy night, but I was still super tired. I got home and had to continue working on my presentation for the Girl’s Day In the next day. I spent several hours on that and then finally got some sleep.

Saturday, I got up and went to the event for the girls in our youth group, Girl’s Day In. This was such a great event! There were several presentations not only by me but by other ladies in the church who shared their life and wisdom with us. I had such a blast sharing with these girls and also learning from some of the other ladies in the church as well! After that, I again came home and got a little breather before moving on to go back to work. Had a really busy night at work, which was kind of nice for a change. I like that business is picking up again!

Sunday, I got up and taught my last lesson to the girls in Sunday School. I have absolutely loved sharing with these girls, but I am glad to have the responsibility of teaching lifted off for a little bit. It was such a long week and weekend. This week is similar but with several less church events which is nice.

I also finished my multi-colored hat! Pictures to come tomorrow 😛

Off to bed!
See ya!

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