The Life and Times Of…

Well, as you can see I did not post Wanderlust Wednesday yesterday, I am so sorry. I had every intention of posting. Then homework got in the way, and the dog got out, and I came home from my internship super exhausted and fell asleep early. Oh well. I promise there will be an installation of Wanderlust Wednesday next week, even in the middle of my A-Z Challenge! 

Today was full of spending time with my amazing husband. At the end of April I will have been with my man for three years. It honestly feels like so much longer. We have been through a lot, what with several of my family members dying and him having to support me through those extremely rough times, and taking on 400 page papers together in college, and trying to figure out how to pay for a semester, and the ups and downs of any relationship. He is seriously my best friend and I think that now that I am living with him every single day and have been for almost ten months, I love him even more. I see more of the things I could pick at that bother me, but there are some days where I just wish he could stay home and spend the whole day with me. Anyway, now that I have taken that bunny trail lol. 

Not only did I spend time with my husband today, I also had homework that I had to do, as usual. I went to work, which started out slow but ended up picking up which was definitely nice. I made more money than I did earlier this week. I work both tomorrow night and Saturday night which is hopefully where I will make more money! TJ is picking up a motorcycle that he bought tomorrow. I will definitely post more about that when it comes in and I have a better look at it. (I might even post some pictures 😉  )

Well, I am off to have roasted garlic and goat cheese on toast for my late dinner,  YUM!

See ya!

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