It’s Friday, Friday…

Ok, Ok, I won’t sing the rest of the song. I am honestly just happy it is Friday. This means that I only have to work tonight and tomorrow night. I am off on Sunday, which means an awesome first post for the beginning of the April A-Z Challenge. If you have not already joined and you want to join just click on the link on my side bar. It is such a great opportunity to challenge your writing and also to get to know other writers as well! Join in the fun!

TJ took Faelyn and went and got the bike today. That left me with a quiet day before work. It has honestly been great! So relaxing and so refreshing. I love my pup but as I have said before, sometimes he is like our child and needs things. They should get back after I go to work. I am looking forward to seeing the bike and what kind of shape it is actually in. 

Tomorrow is skyping with my family, homework, and more work. I probably will not blog tomorrow but will be here to start off April with you on Sunday! Yay!! 

Feel free to leave comments, or follow me via blog or email! I love hearing feedback and comments!

See ya!

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