B is for Boys and Their Bikes

Well, as I mentioned before the weekend started, my hubby got a motorcycle. He got a 1979 Honda, so nothing too grand or anything but definitely something nice to get around town and getting to and from work cheaper than running the car. Currently it is still a work in progress. TJ has a couple things he needs to do before it is completely road ready. But here are some awesome pictures!


Here is my handsome hubby on his motorcycle!


A close-up of the bike.


This is my I’m a biker face. Lol.

There ya go, a good look at the new bike in the house!
See ya tomorrow!


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3 responses to “B is for Boys and Their Bikes

  1. Jacqueline Mukweto

    There is nothing like a boy and his bike! That is a very practical Idea, getting a bike to save on gas! I want one…. well not sure where the 4 little ones would sit but hey!

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