F is for Friendship

This topic is something that is ver special to me and very important in my life. I am someone who tends to prefer to stay home and would rather curl up with a book instead of going out with friends most nights. This is something that I have gotten a lot of time to do since we have moved to Altoona. I have greatly enjoyed the time that I have had with my in-laws and my church and the wonderful ladies I have met at my jobs but I miss my friends from school. We knew each other really well and we saw each other every single day. That is a time that I miss and memories that I definitely treasure! 

I think friendship is important in anyone’s life. Friends keep you grounded and challenge you and bring different ideas that help you grow in any area of your life. I am looking forward to moving to Denver and finding people who enjoy doing things that I like to do. It is hard to find those kind of people where I currently live. I definitely took for granted the time I had with friends in college. Piece of advice for those still in college and high school: Enjoy every minute you have with your friends now, because that time does not last forever. 

See ya!


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2 responses to “F is for Friendship

  1. nel

    Glad your mom put your blog on hers today. I just love your mom, she makes me laugh and seems to have the biggest heart. And somehow I think you have gotten a lot of her qualities! I love this post. Friendships are important. My highschool friends are all in Illinois, but we talk to each other on facebook. I love facebook! I have a friend that we have been besties since 3rd grade and that was eons ago! But you know it is a true friendship when you get together and you pick up like it was yesterday you seen each other last. Those are special friends! Looking forward to reading the rest of your posts.
    until next time… nel

  2. Indeed, it is a good thing your mom linked today!

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