Weekend Update: Happy Easter!

Well, Happy Easter everyone! What a wonderful celebration of our risen Savior! If you do not know Him as your Savior, feel free to ask me questions. 

But anyway, I had a super busy weekend. We are still short handed at work and so I am working all weekend almost every weekend. That was no different this weekend. Easter is one of the restaurant biz’s busiest weekends. Everyone goes out to eat, it seems, on Easter. I worked Saturday night which was busy and then I had to go in at 2:30 yesterday until about 9:30. But before we get to that, church yesterday was awesome! We had a baptismal service which was super special. Then after church TJ and I went to lunch with his family at a club they belong to. The food was super super delicious! There was some kind of fancy dishes that honestly did not appeal to me at all but they had some other dishes that were right up my alley. Loved it! I had a food baby in my belly for a while after that. Lol!

Then I had to go to work. Oh my, I got in there and it was super busy. I had a ten top right when I got in there. That was a rush. It was a night full of big parties and lots of running around. I was super exhausted when I got home. I did end up making 3x more than I would’ve made on a regular sunday night. I definitely won’t complain about the money but I am needing some time to recuperate. But it is off to work again tonight. 

I do not have any pictures from this weekend but I will have more pictures for things this week. 

See ya!

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  1. We were both workin’, huh?! I was exhausted too. We had 21 kids at Frontline – biggest crowd yet. All the FL campusus came together at Tysons Sun PM. It was a busy day.

    I didn’t get out of jammies yesterday, but today we have a lot to do. We’ve got to get to school, go into town for acting practice and get ready for Rhett’s ceremony. Looking forward to having you guys here! Love you!

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