Wanderlust Wednesday: Joe Creek Island

I find it very ironic that on the day that I write about an island where I would rather be, the weather is horribly cold and dreary and snowing/raining/hailing. Not my kind of day. Usually, when I write about a place I want to go on Wanderlust Wednesday, this is a place I have heard about prior to writing this post. However, when I was planning this months posts I was just stumped on what to do for my “J” Wanderlust Wednesday. I know I could’ve done Jamaica or Juneau but we all know how amazing Jamaica is, I don’t need to post pictures and I’m not desperate to see Juneau at the moment. So, here we are with Joe Creek Island.

This is one of the smaller lesser known islands in the Bahamas. It is quieter and definitely very beautiful. It is a place you can go and get away from everything, which is definitely something I could go for right now. I am looking for some beach to lay out on and just be away from cell phones and computers and other electronic devices. No drama. No responsibilities. No hustle and bustle. Just being there with my husband and nothing else in the world to distract us would be fantastic. In case you haven’t noticed, I am a huge daydreamer. It sometimes gets the better of me haha.

Here are some pictures I found of Joe’s Creek on google. Check ’em out!

Hope you enjoyed daydreaming with me!

See ya!


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2 responses to “Wanderlust Wednesday: Joe Creek Island

  1. I’m ready; let’s go!

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