L is for Life Lessons

I think that this topic is very appropriate for today because my brother got earned his Eagle Scout tonight. He had his ceremony and it was awesome! It was great to see how far he has come with boy scouts. I’ll put a picture or two from his ceremony at the end of the post. But any way, even though I had already planned the topic of this post his ceremony got me thinking about different life lessons I have learned through my life time (as short as it has been.).

1. Work hard and don’t expect anything to just be given to you.

~ I think this one is so important and a life lesson that I am glad my dad and mom instilled in me at an early age. Growing up, they were never ones to just give me money (except for some rare occasions), instead they made a chart for my brother and I and we did chores around the house to earn our money. As annoyed as I was sometimes for having to do my chores, I knew that I couldn’t get the money and thus not buy the book or the music I wanted so I reluctantly did my chores. That then transferred into college when I got a job to pay for school and other outside activities. That then made it a whole lot easier when TJ and I got married, because I knew that I was going to work right away to help support us and to get our student loans paid down and to save up for Seminary. It was just a thought of, “well of course I’m going to work, why wouldn’t I work?” This is something I want to make sure I instill in my kids later on down the line.

2. Budget Budget Budget.

~ I am not a big spender. I do not enjoy going shopping most of the time. I always have that mind set of, “I don’t need this right now, so why should I buy it?” I think this is something that goes along with my first life lesson. Since I have started working, whether it was on chores or at my jobs in college or now that I am married, I have always had to think what is most important to buy right away because it would be imprudent of me to buy it all right away. I like having a cushion in my bank account for those times when some unexpected expense comes along and I think that comes from not always having the biggest cash flow from my jobs. However, I always make sure to have some extra cash to go have fun with friends and not have to worry about it messing up my budget.

3. Take time to play and enjoy life.

~ This is one that I did not really notice until I got married and moved to Central PA. I love the people that I have met here and gotten to work with and spend time with but there is a mindset here of “Work, Eat, Sleep.” That’s it most of the time. While that is not a horrible mindset, I have figured out how important it is in my life to take time to play and enjoy the weather, enjoy my puppy, enjoy seeing friends and family, enjoy rock climbing, enjoy reading for pleasure, and so many other things. This is just something that a lot of people just do not understand around here. They just work work work and it can be so monotonous.

4. Don’t marry the hottest guy in the school, marry your best friend. (Of the opposite gender of course :P)

~ I did this. I married my best friend and in my mind he became the hottest guy at the school. I love him so much and we are goofy together and there is never a time when we aren’t honest with each other (even when it hurts). I think it is important to have that openness and that vulnerability. That makes both of you better people for it. Plus if you marry someone just for their looks, honey, those looks go away. People get old and things start to pudge and sag and then you realize that they are not the hottest guy at school like they used to be. I’m not saying, you can’t be attracted to your guy, you must be physically attracted to him. That is key too but they do not need to be model like. Best friend over best body any day.

5. (and lastly) Know who you are as a single person before you try to figure who you are with a significant other.

~ I can’t tell you how important of a lesson that was for me. It honestly did not happen until college. I was flitting around trying to figure who I was by trying to figure out what kind of girl other guys liked. I was changing my style and my personality and my hair. (I change my hair because I like it now. haha) It wasn’t until I had gotten heart broken and was just hanging with my future husband (which I denied at the time) and some girl friends that I realized who I was. Then I started dating TJ and the real me just blossomed in that relationship. I have become more and more me and TJ just encourages that. I love it. But I figured out the most important things before I got into the relationship such as boundaries, and my spiritual life, and my legitimate personality, and my style as it continues to evolve.

Anyway, that was kind of a long post but I liked it.

Here is some pictures from Rhett’s Eagle Scout ceremony:

This is Rhett getting his new kerchief put on. They take the old regular boy scout one off and put the new Eagle Scout one on. Its Red, White, and Blue as opposed to green.

This is Dad pinning Rhett’s Eagle pin on him. They were laughing because Dad was acting like he was going to pin Rhett’s chest and Rhett got nervous haha. But this was a big deal for both of them because they have been doing Boy Scouts together from day one so this was a very exciting and rewarding ceremony for both of them I think.

Well, there you go!

See ya!

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