M is for Men In My Life

There have been some Men in my life who have had a very big influence, and I would just like to give this post to them and show you how much they mean to me and why.

My Husband.

He is my best friend, my number one fan, my shoulder to cry on, my strong support, the person who brings me back to reality. There is so much that he does not only for me but others around him. I love him and would be a wreck and probably a basket case without him.

My Dad

I don’t know who took this picture but it is honestly one of my favorite pictures. This does not really show every aspect of his personality. There are other pictures where you can just see how goofy he is and what not. I love my dad. I look up to him. We have similar personalities and so it makes conversations and hanging out seamless. I am also super proud of my dad. I think it was last summer that he started working on his bachelor’s degree again. Not only has he been continually working on it, he is walking with me next month as we both graduate together! I honestly can’t tell you how happy that makes me and how excited I am to walk with my dad. I have always looked up to him and can’t wait as we both start our Master’s degrees next fall as well!

My Grandpa Martens

This is my dad’s dad. He passed away January 27, 2011. That was one of the toughest phone calls I have ever gotten from my mom. She had called at 2am to tell me about some movie she had just watched and while she was on the phone, my dad got a phone call saying grandpa was being rushed to the hospital. Not even a half an hour later, she called me back and said he didn’t make it. I had just seen him the weekend before and had asked him to pray in my wedding. I had spent the first half of my childhood going to grandpa’s church and spending time at his house and just really bonding with he and grandma. He could eat like a horse, and had goofy laughs and goofy voices an was very good friends with the tickle monster. The times that I cherished most, was the phone calls I would get while I was in college, or I would be awake late and have my facebook open and he would message me letting me he loved me and we would talk and talk for a while. He had great advice, and great stories. I loved him and it is still hard for me to look at this picture because I miss him terribly.

My Grandpa Underhill

This is how tree trimming gets done at my house hahaha. It is hard to find pictures of grandpa because he is usually the one taking the pictures. But I found this one on my mom’s blog at http://angiesadlib.blogspot.com/. Definitely go check out her A-Z posts! Grandpa Underhill and I did not become close until we moved out to Virginia in the second half my my growing up. After we moved out, it took me some time to warm up significantly but eventually he and I became really close and rode his motorcycle together all the time. He can be very dry in his sense of humor which is immensely different from Grandpa Martens is just plain goofy. But he is just as strong of a man and has some great advice on a regular basis. I love Grandpa and will always look up to him.

Anyway, those are the men who are most influential in my life, at least at this current point in time.

See ya!


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2 responses to “M is for Men In My Life

  1. My condolences in the loss of your beloved Grandfather. I hope this challenge is going well for you. I wish you all the best in your pursuit of your dream. We’re an outdoors family, too. We LOVE camping – such great family times.

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