Weekend Update: No Place Like Home

On Friday and Saturday, TJ and I went down to my parents house to spend a couple days with them and for Rhett’s Eagle Ceremony (as shared earlier). It was great! I love the house that they have moved into now. I love the acres that they have. I love seeing all the chicks and chickens and horses. I am a very family oriented person and so spending time with my family is key. I cry on a pretty regular basis because I miss them. (I’m sure it will get worse when I move halfway across the country this summer.) But to me it is just such a great time being home with my family and just enjoying each other.

So, we got there right before lunch time on Friday. Enjoyed lunch with my family minus my sisters who were at my Grandma’s. Then we just hung around until it was time to go to Rhett’s Eagle Ceremony. As mentioned in a previous post, that was a great ceremony! We had fun, shared some laughs, memories, and some even cried. I was able to see friends I had not seen since our wedding last summer. We were all so proud of Rhett.

Saturday, we slept in as much as Faelyn would let us. When other people are awake in the house, he must be where all the people are so he was pacing in our room and huffing and sniffing at the door. He desperately wanted to go see everyone. We did some things around the house in preparation for guests that afternoon, had lunch, and TJ, Rhett, and I went to the outlets nearby where I got a new pair of Converse. I love those shoes. We got back just in time for our guests to arrive. We had a great evening of food, fun, laughter, stories about Liberty, and s’mores. We had a lot of fun. After the guests left, it was time for TJ and I to go home too. 

Sunday brought us back to church and our routine of coming home to eat and then go to work. It was back to reality for TJ and I. My daydreams are still fighting to stay in Virginia where it is quieter and there are less responsibilities for TJ and I. Oh well.

Hope everyone had a great weekend like I did!

See ya!

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