Totally Awesome Tuesday: Organic

Lately, I have become more and more interested in organic things. I have tried organic eggs (they don’t have pesticides and such), organic bacon (they don’t used preservatives and chemicals to cure it or anything), and organic cereal. All were extremely delicious! I would take organic bacon and eggs over store brand any day! They have a much richer flavor and just taste better over all. The organic bacon was definitely my favorite! The flavor it had was superb! 

I have also become more fond of organic materials for my projects. I love using the U.S. grown cotton yarn for my bags, hats, scarves, etc. Seriously, it is my favorite yarn! I have not stopped using it since I got it. I am pretty sure all of my projects have used that yarn. I also love using the wool yarn. It makes for much warmer items. It is just so much fun and easier on the hands to use than the synthetic yarns. The synthetic yarns rub my hands raw sometimes and are just overall not nearly as comfortable. 

I would also like to give another shout out to the company Organic.They seriously make the best crash pads ever! It is not really organic materials but they have the name haha. So, check them out, order from them, tell your friends. 

See ya!


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2 responses to “Totally Awesome Tuesday: Organic

  1. Where did you buy your organic bacon? Maybe when our Harris Teter opens up they will have it.

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