Wanderlust Wednesday: Vail, CO

Ok, so this place is one that I am looking forward to for the winter time, next winter to be exact! As I have mentioned or alluded to in previous posts, my husband and I are moving to Denver the first week of July! It is coming up super quickly! We are way excited! Not only are we excited for the healthier lifestyle, but the places to visit, the food to eat, the people to me, the school to go to, and the job to have. We are going to be out on our own away from anyone we know and so we are looking forward to this challenge.

Vail, CO is known as one of the top ski places in the United States. It has amazing skiing and is just beautiful! It is fairly expensive, but I at least just want to go walk around Vail and look at the shops and the resort and probably ski there once or twice. I have really started skiing this year and so moving to Colorado is sort of like a dream come true for any skier.

Here are some awesome pictures of Vail I found courtesy of Google.

You can’t tell me that is not quaint.

I know this may not mean too much to some of you, but there are so many slopes! I cannot wait to check out Vail!

And this is without snow, still super quaint and cute! Yay!

Welcome to my daydreams from today!
Feel free to come visit after we move out!

See ya!


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5 responses to “Wanderlust Wednesday: Vail, CO

  1. When you get here you will have to visit Glenwood Springs. It is my favorite place to visit. Our dream place to visit is Aspen and the Rocky Mountain National Park. Check out my blog: http://lovelivingincolorado.wordpress.com/
    There are all kinds of great things to do in Colorado! Welcome (early) to Colorado!

  2. Holy Cow! That is some slopes. You will prob see famous people there too! I want to come people watch. I already miss you!

  3. Vail is a great place. So is Aspen and Steamboat. My husband and I have done some skiing there. It’s beautiful!

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