New Section Coming Soon!

Hey guys,

So, as I mentioned in my previous post, I love to read! I decided to embark on a challenge starting July first to read 52 books (that is one a week) from July 1 2012- July 1, 2013. I have five books on my list. That is only enough to get me through the first month.

If you have any good recommendations that fall under these categories please let me know!

~ Food
~ Eating In as opposed to Eating out
~ Green Living
~ Hiking
~ Wilderness
~ Living our your Christianity
~ Knitting
~ Crocheting (I want to attempt to learn how to crochet I think)
~ Urban gardening
~ Whole foods
~ handmade

Or if you have great suggestions that don’t fall into those categories, I would love to hear those too!
Those just tend to be what I am inclined to lately, but I would love any suggestions!
I am going to put up another page starting July 1st of my reading list (or what I have compiled already) and then after I finish each book I will post my thoughts and maybe even challenges that I got from the book!


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