Summer Reading

One thing that I love about summer is the ability to just spend as much time as I can or want reading. There is no school work, there is no other obligations because activities have ceased for the summer. It is really a time where I get to relax, refresh, and read (the three R words were not intended when I started that sentence). I have loved spending my summers reading for as long as I can remember. Whenever we would go on vacation or if I went on a missions trip or to camp, I always brought at least two if not three books with me. I’m telling you, I love to read.

This past vacation was no exception. I brought two books and my nook just in case I ended up finishing my books. Well, I spent a lot of time reading but a lot of time hanging out with my family and other stuff too. So, I only finished one book and started the second but ended up putting it down because I was bored. But since the summer has started I have read four books and started another one last night. That is about 1 a week for me. I am telling you, I love love love reading. I always have a stack of library books. I have books on my nook. I have bookshelves full of books and I am ashamed to say that I have not even read some of them.

Last night, I was home and did some cleaning because after vacation my house looked like a war had been raged and lost in my apartment. It was and still kind of is a disaster. But I managed to get it looking manageable and even packed up some fragile items. I was dreading going back to the book that I was finding immensely boring. It just seemed like the author was just throwing all kinds of statistics and such at me and I am not a reader who enjoys that. I start skimming when I start seeing statistics. So, I was poking around on Facebook (typical procrastinating college student habit) and saw a blog post from a friend of mine. I started reading it and she mentioned this book called Seven By Jen Hatmaker. From what my friend was posting about reading the book, it sounded like something that was along the lines of my thinking lately. The subtitle for the book is “An experimental mutiny against excess.” It is just this lady’s journey as she cuts back in seven areas of her life for seven months so that she might be diminished and God would be able to work through her without her being in the way. I went and looked at it on my Nook and read the free sample and decided I was buying it right then and there. I have barely been able to put it down.

She just wants to be used by God without her and her junk, as she refers to the comforts in her life, getting in the way. That is something that now that we are moving and we are looking to buy a home after we have moved to Denver, that I desperately want to do. While yes, I want a two or three bedroom home, I do not want it because I want more space for myself. I want it so that I can open up my home to someone who needs a place to crash. I want to be able to use the blessings that God has given me to serve Him with abandon.

This is not an easy mindset adjustment for me. Right now I live in an area where people work work work work work. They work so that they can get more. This is the way it is in a lot of places in America. I think work is great, but I want to try to use the money and the benefits that I get from work, to help others and not get more stuff for me that I do not really need.

So, as I continue reading this book, I will probably share more about my thoughts and how it is affecting the way I am living.
If you are reading it or read it, please I would love to hear from you and talk about how it has affected us together.

See ya!

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