On My Mind Lately…

Today I got a wonderful letter from a friend who just arrived in another country today and will spend a year there with the International Justice Mission. She messaged me on facebook a couple days ago asking for my address, I was kind of bewildered because it had been some time since we had talked but I was glad to be catching up with her. So, needless to say, she had automatically been on my mind since I knew I was getting something in the mail from her. I had forgotten that I was following her blog and was already aware that she was going to Uganda. (Doh!) But, after reading her letter and reading her blog post about her safe arrival in Uganda, it got me thinking. 

She just moved across the world. I have been so wrapped up cleaning, and packing and repeat those steps a billion more times. I sit down for a quick pinterest break or a quick facebook stalking break. (Shhhh, don’t tell.) But other than that, I am not keeping up with anyone, I have not been reading the blogs that I follow (Sorry). Hearing from her and seeing her blog post got me out of my head today and reminded me of the reason we are moving to Denver in the first place. 

We are not just moving there because it is an awesome place to live. (Which I have heard it will be.) We are moving there to go to Seminary. Let me give you a quick little background into the dreams TJ and I have one day. We want to open up a camp. Not just your run of the mill summer camp kind of deal, but rather one that takes teenagers or whomever or longer trips into the woods or mountains or just away from the routine of life and the bonds of technology. We want people to get out of the way so that God can do what He wills and so that He can speak to us. I am sure a more traditional summer camp will be part of what we do to help get us off the ground but we have a dream to reach people and get them out of themselves. And who knows, that may extend internationally at some point. I know I would like that. 🙂 

Our ultimate goal is to serve God and give Him the glory and that is why we are going to Denver, to go to Seminary to better serve Our Father and lead others into His creation. I just need to keep that in mind while I am busy packing and cleaning and slightly stressing. 

See ya!

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