It’s Good to Be a Dog

I have really just been enjoying spending time with my little man. He is super confused with all the boxes and me scrubbing things down and just making this place back to what it was when we moved in but he has stayed fairly close to my side as I have been preparing for this move and I love that. Yesterday, we went rock climbing with a friend. (One of the last times we will get to here in PA.) We took Faelyn with us. He loved it! He was born to be on the trail with us. But, that left him super exhausted when we got home yesterday and I am pretty sure he is still catching up on some sleep today. He is the cutest thing when he sleeps. I thought I would show you so it could bring a smile to your face like it is bringing a smile to mine. 


He goes from curled up like this, to…


…completely stretched out like this several times during his sleep cycle. 
I would have to say it is one of the cutest things ever!

See ya!  

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