We are (mostly) Moved In!!!

Hey guys,

I know that it has been a while since I have posted. But as I have mentioned many times over, my hubby, my puppy, and I have all packed up, said good-bye to the East Coast and rode off into the sunset as we started our new adventure in Aurora (currently), Colorado! Well, we are here in our new apartment. We moved in on Saturday and first priority was dishes (so we could have breakfast the next morning) and the bed. After that, we took some time to just check out our surroundings. Since then, we have gotten most of our belongings unpacked. There are just a couple boxes of books and my grandmother’s dishes that just do not have a home yet. So, even though our house is in a bit of disarray, I thought I would give you a quick tour and thank everyone for their prayers and support as we ventured out here.

Here is my kitchen! It is nice to have a full size fridge and a dishwasher and more counter space than I was working with before. We have definitely enjoyed using the space in this kitchen already.

Here is our dining room, we are on the look-out for a cheap (yet sturdy) dining room table, so thus we have been eating elsewhere at the moment.

Also on the look-out for a couch and bookshelves. No biggie. We were improvising with the crash-pads as our make-shift couch yesterday lol.

I did take the time to decorate my mantle though lol. My bottles with coffee in the bottom and some candles, our unity rock, and some lights. This picture honestly does not do justice of how cute it is.

The bedroom. You can’t see it, but we did get a new bed frame from IKEA that has drawers in the bottom. We love it already lol. Also, one lamp we got at IKEA as well. We intend to get another one, just haven’t picked it up yet.

There is also plenty of room in the bedroom for the tv and some shelving.

Ok, so it would not let me rotate the picture, but we have a nice walk-in closet. Love having the space in there. I have yet to do laundry as you can tell there lol. Don’t mind the pile.

Also unable to rotate this one,  but we have a nice little bathroom vanity area.

I have a full tub!!! I cannot wait to take a bath in it! Having room to shave my legs and just shower without bumping into the walls in definitely nice.

Here is our front door. We are on the bottom floor and our neighbors upstairs and really all around us are quiet and clean. It is nice to not have to worry or get annoyed with neighbors for their noise or trash or what have you. It was definitely something I was worried about.

And there we are, 107. 🙂

We are definitely enjoying exploring a new area and really a new way of life for the three of us. We have found our favorite grocery store already. It is called Sprouts and is a natural/organic grocery store. Their produce is inexpensive and honestly phenomenal. We have more produce in our fridge than we ever did in Altoona, and we are eating it and loving it.
We have explored several of the shopping malls in the area. Its fun to check out stores that I have seen online and can now look at in person.
We have checked out the store we will be working in and met with the boss who is super chill. We also checked out the Denver flagship store which is amazingly cool. TJ will probably get to work there on a regular basis.

We have also come to realize that when we do buy a house in the coming months that we need to move more westward, toward Littleton/Englewood area so that not only can we be closer to work but also closer to some state parks and some mountains.

The weather has been in the 70’s and 80’s and our boss says it is the norm, so I’ll take it. We have had thunderstorms the majority of the days we have been here which always makes me happy.

Overall, we love it here and are coming to the conclusion that we may never leave.

See ya!


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2 responses to “We are (mostly) Moved In!!!

  1. Aww. Love it! Take a picture of your mantel not all lit up so we can see it in natural light, please! Should have had you work on my mantel decor before you left.

    So happy for you! Lookin good.

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