Settling In and Adjusting

Well, come tomorrow afternoon, we have been here a whole week. Can you believe it?! I mean honestly this week has gone by super fast and yet super slow at the same time. We did not end up starting work this week like we had hoped but thankfully, God had provided wonderfully and we have plenty of cash to where we have not even had to worry about making it until we start working. Speaking of working, TJ does start on Monday at noon. (YAY!) He is not used to not working for long and so it has made him a little stir crazy. I’m getting a little antsy to work too but I have also been enjoying just making a home as well. We are finally starting to feel like this is really home. Boxes are going and necessary items are getting looked at and will be bought when we have a steady paycheck.

Faelyn is definitely feeling more at home. He is loving the space. He has gotten more accustomed to TJ and I leaving together. He is adjusting well. One thing I have noticed since we have gotten this little man is that you can’t really tell him which spot he will call his bed/laying area. He decides that on his own really. Well, we tried to see if it would be at the bottom of the bed. He stayed laying there for a while and then within the last couple of days he has claimed his spot elsewhere. His new favorite sleeping spot is our walk-in closet floor. It is darker and cave like in there and so it is his new spot. We threw his bed in there and he has since been happy as can be. It amuses me to see his quirks come out.

Things I have learned since moving to Colorado:

1. You definitely have to plan for traffic on I-25 and I-225. It can be rather crazy on there. Living in rural PA for a year has gotten me unaccustomed to driving in heavy traffic but hey, its whatever.

2. Apparently medical marijuana is legal in Colorado. This was a real eye opener lol. TJ and I went to a different part of town than we had been to, looking for a climbing gym to check out and we drove past at least half a dozen marijuana places in a span of about a mile and a half. PA is definitely a state that has not legalized marijuana.

3. DRINK LOTS AND LOTS OF WATER! I had heard about it and read about it, you must drink more water than normal at least until your body gets acclimated to the higher altitude. I will be the first to admit, I have not done so well with that. I love how dry everything is but I need to do better at keeping hydrated.

4. Eating healthy does not mean eating expensively. I mentioned my favorite grocery store before and have just been loving the fresh, inexpensive produce here. TJ is even realizing how awesome it is. We are eating better and enjoying the healthier options.

My boy sleeping laying down in the floor of our closet.  Such a goofball.

See ya!


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