Thrift Store Finds and Still Waiting

One thing I love about the area I live in at the moment is that there are a ton of Thrift stores close-by. I love thrift stores and have found some of my favorite things in thrift stores. These thrift stores have yet to disappoint. I have found items that I have needed in order to de-clutter my home, and books to read, and another special item I can’t wait to show you!

This little gem just popped up and grabbed my eye while I was browsing. I had been looking for something cute to hold our q-tips because otherwise they were just sitting in a baggie on the counter and that was most definitely not cute at all. So, I found this adorable little mason jar for 60 cents. Can’t go wrong with that. I might make it a little more colorful with some water color paints or I might just leave it. Thoughts?

I am a sucker for reading. (Check out my previous post about my One Year Reading Challenge starting next week!) I read all the time. I spent all day yesterday just reading The Lovely Bones (pictured above) and The Hunger Games at B&N. I spent less than $10 on these two books combined. I love love love to read and I love finding good books for cheap too!

This beauty has to be my favorite item I have found at the thrift stores so far. I had been looking at bowls like this for several months now. I was waiting to get one because they are like $30 and I just thought it was going to be a little pointless with all these other expenses coming our way as we were moving and such. But anyway, on Monday I’m walking around the thrift store closest to my house, just keeping busy so I don’t get too bored and I see this super cute bowl and pick it up. I have no idea what I am going to do with it yet but I hold onto it so no one will take it. As I’m walking around and fiddling with the little handle you see there, I realize, this would be the perfect yarn bowl! When I’m knitting, I have my yarn rolled into a ball and it just tends to roll all over the place sometimes but is still more manageable than the cylinder type shape it comes in. So, I had seen this kind of a bowl and was like ‘I want one but I don’t wanna pay that much yet.’ Here is my solution! I paid $1.50 for this bowl and it works perfectly! I am absolutely in love with it!

Among going to Thrift stores and getting my hair cut, I spent last week doing a little DIY project.
My new chairs looked like they belonged in a restaurant. I mean they were the light wood color with red vinyl seats. It just screamed family restaurant seating. Definitely not my style exactly. But, I knew it would not be hard to repaint them and reupholster them. So, I start the first half of this makeover. I took these chairs, I sanded them slightly so that the paint had something to stick to and then I took a nice dark grey/almost black color and painted them to my hearts content. It took several coats to fully mask the wood but the finished paint project is awesome!

I love the darker color! It already looks ten times better and I have not even done the new fabric yet. I am still on the look-out for the right fabric so that will be done later. I am also going to re-stain my table to a darker shade so that it goes with the chairs a little better. However, that is another time as well. Any thoughts on if I should go with fabric or stick with a more vinyl kind of fabric for the chairs?

Anyway, I have not yet started work. They are having issues with the computer system getting me in but hopefully I can get in sometime this week. I am going a little stir-crazy but I have plenty to keep me busy at the moment.
Well I’m off to keep working on stuff around the house and reading!
See ya!


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2 responses to “Thrift Store Finds and Still Waiting

  1. That bowl is gorgeous and so is your redo of that chair. You’re right about finding some fabulous finds! : )

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