The Start of a New Challenge

I love the idea of challenges, whether it is blogging challenges or fitness or reading or what have you, I love them. I enjoy pushing myself even though sometimes I need a little more motivation to do so. Well, I have been working on the intricacies of this challenge for about a month and a half. I had planned on starting at the beginning of July but we were packing and moving and thus it just did not end up being a good time to start. So, now tomorrow begins the beginning of August. Here begins 52 Books in 52 Weeks. I am not going to say I am reading a book a week because some books are bigger and some books are smaller so the timing will fluctuate. But I have a list of books on hand, not all 52 yet but that will give me room to add as the year goes by. I will put up a new section later with the list of books I already have on hand and that will also be where I will post my reviews of the books.

You are more than welcome to join me in this challenge! It will be fun, challenging and even a learning experience when it comes to some books. If you want to join me, let me know, I would love to share thoughts with you and enjoy hearing about what books you read and if you liked them or not. Just shoot me a message! You don’t have to read the same books as me or you can if you want but I think it would be fun to just read and share throughout the year!

In other news, I should hopefully start work tomorrow! Yay! I have filled out all the new hire forms and everything should be in place. All that is needed is for my background check to come back in and then I can start! I am so ready to be working again!

We got the jeep back this weekend. No glitches or mishaps. We made it safely home. We were greeted with an immense downpour when we crossed over the Colorado border but we still managed to trudge our way through it and make it home. Not going to lie, it is so nice to have the jeep back. I missed it immensely. So much easier to drive! I do not miss the suburban in any way lol.

Keep an eye out for new section and join along as I read my way through the next year!

See ya!


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2 responses to “The Start of a New Challenge

  1. Good luck on your challenge!

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