The Week In Review

Wow, this week has had a mix of slow and fast sections. I’ve been busy and also not quite so busy. 

I am not really even sure what happened at the beginning of the week. All I know was it was definitely uneventful. Nothing special to report on that front. I did spend some time gathering more books for my 52 Books/52 Weeks Challenge. That is always exciting. I even found some books at the library that I liked and were on my list so I snatched those up. I must say, I love libraries. I definitely do not have the money for books on a regular basis right now (unless they are steals at Goodwill or some other thrift store) and so being able to get them at the library is a highlight of my week sometimes. 

The system at REI was still having trouble getting me into the system at the beginning of the week. No biggie. Finally, on Thursday I was able to start training. It was pretty straightforward and easy. I got to work a whole shift which was nice. I wasn’t stuck at home feeling like a shmuck for not helping support our little family. Friday I was also able to go in and work for a bit. I really was able to get comfortable with their cashier system and memberships and dividends and such so that made me feel more confident and less under pressure at that point. 

Saturday brought a day off for the two of us and since we had both been working, it really did feel like a day off. We found a nearby dog park (that was a little smaller than the one closest to our house) and we took our little man to play there. He had been getting a little antsy lately and just wanting to run and play more. We thought this would be a great opportunity for him to get out and run and also get to play with some other dogs. He absolutely loved it. Even after TJ unleashed him and was still holding onto him, you could tell he knew he was getting a chance to run and play. It was only about 75 degrees as a high yesterday so we knew it would be a perfect day for him to test out the park without getting too overheated. The only “problem” we had was he was having so much fun, he did not want to stop and take a drink. That led to extra salivating and he had a goatee of saliva bubbles by the time we left. I felt bad because I did not want other dog owners to think he had rabies or something because he is up to date on all of his shots and vaccinations. But he just had no interest in slowing down to take a drink. We think it will be one of his favorite places in the world when it cools down and once he gets used to it enough to stop and take a drink every now and then lol. 

After the dog park, we came home and hung around while he got his breathe back and we figured it was ok to leave him be without him freaking out. I was super tired and laid on the floor for a bit while we waiting and he decided to get super playful. Well, TJ who was laying on the floor next to me threw Faelyn’s toy and he came back with the toy to give it to TJ and decided my face was a perfectly good stepping stone to get to TJ. I had no idea he was even there. I thought he was still over by the door. The I get a nice big paw scratch right on/under my right eye. Oh boy, did that hurt. I have a nice mark and the swelling was so bad at first that I was mortified someone would think it was domestic abuse or something. It has definitely gone down today but walking into REI to get TJ’s schedule yesterday I definitely got a look or two. 
My little man just plays rough sometimes. 

After getting TJ’s schedule, we then went and looked at houses in the area. We found this one that I had fallen in love with while we were still in PA. It had sold before we got out here but I still think about that house all the time. Well, we drove past it and it was even cuter in person than it was online. I mean I did not get to see the inside but the outside was everything I thought was going to be and more. It was beautiful! So, I told TJ that we have to keep an eye out if it comes back on the market. I love it lots!

Today, TJ had to be in at work at 11. 😦 And since we only have one vehicle, that meant I was not going to go church searching and I did not want to do that without my hubby anyway. So, here I am, cleaning and reading and just enjoying my day. Hopefully this week brings more work. We could definitely use the money. 

See ya!

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