We finally got some furnishings for the apartment!!! Our books finally have a place to live, we have some seating in the living room (still no couch) and we have nightstands! Yay! It helps make everything look a little more put together and less cluttered. The nightstands needed some work, so we did that. The chairs and the TV stand/desk didn’t really need any work. They were in super good shape as it was so we left them as they were. It makes me so happy to be making a home for us. We are still keeping our eyes open for a smaller couch and a coffee table. But those are not necessary right away. So, first to show you the nightstands!
We have two of them and they were a little rough when we picked them up but we loved the style of them!

The drawers were also kind of rough but again in great condition otherwise!

My amazing husband helping sand the nightstands down a little so that the paint would stick. It did not take much to get them sanded enough just to get the paint to stick. At first we thought we would need to really sand them down but the realized that with the color we were going to paint them, we would not need to really sand them down.

After sanding them down, we painted them black. (The same color as the chairs.) Gotta love having extra paint left over from other projects.

Then came the drawers! This is only three of the four drawers that we painted. We could not go with normal subdued or even black drawers. We just had to have bright colored drawers.

The knobs also needed to be repainted. What better color to use than a bright red?!

Tj’s finished nightstand! Love the colors!

My finished nightstand!
They kind of look like they should be in a kid’s room but honestly they look great with the rest of the bedroom. And I mean why subdue things when you love the bright colors of the world!

Ok, so the style of our bedroom and our living area is definitely a bit different. Lol!
First, the finished chairs around the dining room table. They still need the fabric on the chairs and the table needs re-stained but other wise it still looks great!
I think it looks really nice, even with the horrible red vinyl. It will be remedied soon. I promise to post pictures of them actually finished.
Now, to see the new TV Stand/desk.

We found this awesome piece at our local thrift store for $50. Crazy right?! It is in excellent condition! It has a Gregorian feel and it just a lovely piece. Definitely something that could be passed on from generation to the next generation.

It also doubles as a desk! So great! Not only does it serve as a wonderful place for the TV but it also has a great about of storage that clears up some of the clutter that we had about the house.

Now, we found these awesome chairs for $10 a piece at another local thrift store. I mean seriously, great condition, great color! They look fantastic with the TV stand. We actually have a style going in our living room now! How about that?!

That means where did all our books go?
We had some extra space under our kitchen counter that sticks out a bit over by the gear closet and so we facilitated that space with bookshelves. I know it is not the most stunning display of our books but it is practical right now and fits exactly in the way we needed it to!

So, everything is falling into place in regards to decorations and such. Just waiting for our schedules to fill out more and money to start coming in a little more regularly until we continue furnishing our apartment. Otherwise, it is all coming together. I love building a home!

Well, I am off to continue sanding our table and reading and knitting!

See ya!


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4 responses to “Furnishings!

  1. martha

    Wow! Way to go guys! Love it! & I love you!

  2. I love the desk/TV stand and chairs. Some of our all-time fav pieces came from thrift stores, freecycle, and dumpster dives. Love your creativity. Such fun to set up that first place! Love you!

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