Book Review: Into the Wild

Ok, well I have finished book number two! This book definitely had a completely different topic and feel than the previous book.
Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer documents the store of Chris McCandless who after graduating college set out to live life on the road, ultimately ending his trip in the bush of Alaska just outside of Denali National Park. He expected to make it out alive and eventually come back to civilization at the end of the summer but died before he was able to get out. It is a really unfortunate store but reading about his two year adventure before his passing was really quite fascinating. I am definitely prone to wanderlust and so reading this book, there were parts I could definitely identify with such as just wanting to travel all over the place and not worrying about how you were going to get there. There were other parts I did not really identify with such as completely rejecting the modern comforts that we enjoy and make life a little easier.

The story was fascinating. Not only did the author show you the story of this young man but he also threw in some of his own harrowing experiences in the Alaskan tundra. I loved reading about the adventures and the people both of these men met. I loved reading about the experiences that these young men had and how they dealt with dangerous circumstances. They gave up what would seem as successful paths in life in order to pursue their dreams and adventures. Unfortunately for Chris, his adventure ended in horrible tragedy and his death. I enjoy reading about people who go against the norm of what success is in the eyes of the world. Granted, he may not have been doing it for the right reasons, but he did pursue his wacky idea of a dream.

There were parts where it definitely dragged on a little. That happens with every book though. While the young man pursued his dreams and wanderlust, he was dumb sometimes. He went into the Alaskan tundra severely unprepared. He also did not listen to advice from people along the way. Advice that could have saved his life.

I really enjoyed the book. It has given me something to think about. It is not just a light a read, it is a read that sticks with you long after you are done reading it. This was a guy who lived life with reckless abandon. I want to look back on my life and say that when I am done, but rather live life with reckless abandon for Christ and His ministry. I think that even though the guy died in his pursuit of a more adventurous life, we can follow his leading to some extent by not listening to the norms of society and pursuing the lifestyle that Christ has for us. Whether that leads us into the woods, or into the city, or into the jungles of South America, or even to poverty stricken areas of the world, we must pursue that life with reckless abandon for the sake of the Gospel.

Ok, I know that the story of this young man was not anything about Christianity but we can definitely take something away from it and apply to our lives as Believers.
See ya!

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