Ok, so I am a huge pinterest fan. If you have ever been on pinterest, you understand how addicting it can be. There are honestly some really interesting stuff on pinterest. Anyway, I do a whole heck of a lot of pinning but not nearly as much trying the projects or recipes or what have you that I actually pin. It is about time to change that I think. So, I am going to start trying some of my pins and I will let you know how they actually go. Should be fun haha.

Yesterday I made bruschetta just for myself for a late lunch while TJ was at work. (This recipe was not from pinterest.) I just found the recipe online and decided to give it a whirl. Oh man was it delicious! And ridiculously easy. I’ll share the link here with you!
Here is how it turned out:
I toasted my bread, I had to parboil the tomato which I had never done before and I had some cheese. Amazing! Although, my breath apparently still smells like garlic. Poor TJ.
Here is the link for the recipe itself:

Give it a try if you like bruschetta!


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2 responses to “Pinterest

  1. These look incredibly good. I definitely understand what you mean about pinterest. There a so many things to try. This pictures are taunting. Anyway great post, thanks for sharing!

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