Newest Apartment Furnishings!

We have basically a full set of furniture in the house! It actually looks like people live here instead of just storing stuffs here! How crazy right?! This week we picked up a couch for not nearly the amount we would have had to pay for a couch brand new. This one has been barely used. It just sat it this couple’s office in case the had guests but it never really got used. It is so our style. It is not exactly the style of the chairs but it pulls them in very nicely. I must say I love finding awesome deals on Craigslist or at a thrift store. It really is awesome! We can make our house look like our personalities without spending a massive amount of money. So awesome.

Anywho, here is the couch:

It has a rustic pattern to it that is kind of goofy but definitely our style!
Here is the whole living area together:

The green of the chairs is in the couch so it all kind of pulls together. At least for now.

We now have a whole living space. Thankfully you cannot see the couch up close in this picture because Faelyn thought it was a great idea to sneak out of the bedroom last night and sleep on the couch. What a goober!

We finished the dining room table too!!!!! It looks great! My hubby did an awesome job on the top of it!

That is the top of it! He did such a great job! It looks amazing!

What I love is, how the edges look darker than the top. It makes the top look like its been worn down and used and what not. We actually just had to redo the top of it because the first staining looked horrible. Just plain ugly. We had used a stain/poly mix and that did not go on well. So, the second time we used a stain a couple times and let them dry and then did the poly and let that dry. Not it looks awesome. It looks great with the chairs. All that is left to do of the dining room set is change the fabric on the chairs but the red looks good for right now.

This week has been super crazy. This was my first full-time week at REI and we have been prepping for our Labor Day sale that starts today. We have to leave to go to work in about a half an hour and I am not excited about going. It is going to be a long week. But I am continuing to work on reading my book so I can post a review as soon as I am done. I am currently reading Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. It is hilarious! I love Pride and Prejudice and adding zombies just makes it that much better Lol!

Well, I’m off!
See ya!

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