Pinterest Experiment Numero Uno

Ok, so my toe nails were in desperate need of some attention. It had been a while since I had repainted them and so I decided I would try one of the nail polish patterns I have on my pinterest Beauty and Health board. Feel free to check out my pinterest boards as we go through some of these awesome attempts at what is on this site. Anyway, back to my nails lol.

I wasn’t feeling anything too spunky like the aliens I just repinned recently, but I wanted something that would give me a little bit of flair on my toes. I have always enjoyed a little bit of flair on my toes. So, I went with a more subtle flair.
Here is the picture I originally repinned:

Really pretty right?!
Although, I wasn’t feeling the nude color. I wanted a little more color along with the glitter.
So, I went with a lightish pink.
Here is how that went:

Pretty right?!
So, then I went ahead and put the glitter on it.

So, I thought it turned out kind of awesome. Not the best pink paint job because the nail polish was old and I ended up throwing it away after the paint job. Well, after I was done we remembered we really needed to cut the dog’s nails. I thought my toe nails would be out of the way enough and that they were dry enough, so we went ahead and did it.
This is how my toe nails fared after the nail cutting:

One whole foot completely messed up. That meant I had to start all over and I was not about to use the same old nail polish. It was gross.
So, I went with a nude color like in the pinterest picture:

Turned out better than the pink to be quite honest. Lol!
So, now I have two different colors on my feet!

I like the nude better but it was also great to find out that my nail polish was old and used up!
Well, there is the first of many pinterest experiments to come!
I am still working on my reading challenge! This has just been a crazy busy week!
See ya!

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