Mini Tacos (Latest pinterest attempt)

Okie dokie, so I love making food. I mean like really love making food. I enjoy putting things together and trying new recipes. I love all kinds of flavors (garlic being my all-time fave). So, I was making my grocery list this week and remembered I have a huge board on pinterest full of recipes to try and I am trying to share with you what I have tried and how it turned out. Well, this one was a success! Check it!

Mini Tacos:

~Taco meat
~Won Ton Wraps

‘Nuff said!

Here is the original pictures from the pin:

You can’t tell me you don’t want to try these out!
Well, I came home from work tonight and wanted something super easy to throw together to snack on while we watched a season premier of fave show Haven. Here is my attempt:

So, here is my seasoned taco meat and my man helping stir it, love him 🙂

Found these won ton wraps at our local Sprouts and instantly knew I had to get them to try this recipe!

Then it was time to fit the little wraps in the cupcake pan!

Next I partially filled the wraps with my meat, put in a little cheese, then a little bit more meat and just barely topped it off with a sprinkle of cheese!

After we stuck them in the over for about 8 min at 350 degrees, here is our finished product! You honestly just can’t go wrong with these!
When they have cooled just a little, we put a little bit of salsa on ours but I’m sure you could add a little bit of your own toppings!

Aren’t they super cute?!

Definitely a keeper, even TJ said so! Great party finger food! Super light and super easy to make!



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2 responses to “Mini Tacos (Latest pinterest attempt)

  1. This is great! Thanks for sharing. I would not have thought of using wonton wrappers like this! It looks fabulous!


  2. Such a yummy looking recipe. Would work great on a Sunday night, especially if I have leftover wontons (from chicken spring rolls) and taco meat. Thanks for giving it a try and recommending it! Love your pate in the last pic!

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