The Results Are In

Ok, so last month (in the middle of Sept.) I wrote a post about praying for your husband. I personally thought it was awesome! I was super excited about the list and taking the next ten days to pray for him. Well ten days turned into about three weeks. That goes to show you just how sporadic my devos can be. Life just really gets in the way sometimes and by the end of the day when I would be on the edge of sleep I would finally realize that dangit, I didn’t do my devos today! So, not making excuses but explaining what happened.

The list itself was great! I really did enjoy having something specific to pray for my husband each day! It really brought it home. I did my last one today which was “I pray that I will show my husband respect, grace, and kindness.” The Devil really has a sense of humor. I really should have done my devos earlier this morning. Instead I waited a couple hours after we woke up until TJ went off to work to do my devos. In the span of those couple of hours I managed to get stressed out about a couple things and go on a cleaning frenzy and then frustrated with life in general I lashed out at TJ and gave him a nice chewing out. Now, does that sound like grace, respect, and kindness? Not so much… That lashing out was right before he left, and then I did my devos and felt so terrible. I am telling you, Satan really knows when best to attack. I feel like I am a personal tool of Satan’s during this time of the month and I needed those devos especially praying for my husband like that this morning.

So, for all you ladies out there, take this list to heart, especially this last one. Showing your husband grace, respect, and kindness will make him the man and the leader that you need him to be. Build him up, don’t tear him down. I know I would rather be built up as opposed to torn down everyday. If I am not cherished and loved and respected by my husband I know I will feel like a total failure at life. Don’t you think that husbands feel the same way when their wives treat them without grace, respect, and kindness? Just a little food for thought.


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3 responses to “The Results Are In

  1. martha

    love you Ashley! Your tender heart is a blessing!

  2. Always wishing I had been a better example in this area. I pray you walk with the Lord in this area in a much greater way. You got a good man; love him well!

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