Book Review: 101 Weird Ways to Make Money

So, I just finished reading 101 Weird Ways to Make Money by Steve Gillman. It was not originally on the list of books to read, but I did just finish reading it and it was quite interesting. I will definitely add it to the list when I am done here. I picked it up because a) I had a gift card and b) it looked kind of interesting. I have been looking for little ways to bring some extra income into the house just as a side thing so that we have a little more flexibility as well as paying down student loans and such. I find books like this to be quite fascinating.

The many (hence 101) ways to make money was quite enlightening. There were definitely some that I had never considered before. There were some altogether that I had never even heard of! I enjoyed the massive amount resources that he provided on each of the different professions that he listed. He provided a realistic expectation if looking to start in any of those professions. It was not a dry, boring book by any means. It was full of humor while at the same time being clear and professional.

These were not things that you could use to bring in a little extra cash while also working full-time elsewhere. These were complete career changes. I mean for most of these you could do a couple at a time but not quite as easy to make it work with a full-time job in the retail biz. Some of them I also did not think were real practical, but that is just my opinion. While he shared a bunch of resources, he sometimes provided links that were hard to follow/type in in a search engine.

I thought it was a fascinating book. I really did enjoy reading each of the different ways to make money, but I just did not find them nearly as practical when it comes to adding them to my already full schedule. I was kind of looking more for something to add or do during my off-time but that was not the case with this book. Oh well, we can’t have everything right? Lol!

Definitely a good read! A fun read too!
Check it out!

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