DIY Peel-Off Mask

I saw this face mask on pinterest and I am a sucker for face masks whether they are from the store or DIY. Love love love them! I saw this one and it seemed easy enough, it had two things that I already had on hand: an egg white and tissues. Easy sounding right? Well, it was but the thing I did not think about before starting on this endeavor was how gross raw egg white smells. Lol!

Here is the link and here is me actually doing it.


So, I did not have tissues, but toilet worked just as well.

Clean face and hair pulled away from face. (No make-up…. not my fave)


So, I put the first layer of egg white on and then the tissues, and then the last layer of egg white. Smelled so gross. Then it was time to wait for it to dry.

And then it was dry a couple of minutes later. So, time to pull it off downwards to upwards.


And we are done! The only thing I would have to add is that you wash your face afterwards because there will be egg white residue on your face and that is nasty. Otherwise, it did work. My face is smoother and the pores are tightened a little bit. It did pull out some blackheads. I would do it again. Cheap and simple and easy. Love it!

Try it out!


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