Marriage: Best Thing Ever!

So, two years ago today TJ asked me to be his wife. We have now  been married almost a year and half and I honestly couldn’t be happier. I love hearing engagement stories. There is just something so magical about hearing the romancing that went into asking to spend the rest of your life with someone. There are only few really big moments in a persons life and getting engaged is definitely one of them. It is a moment that every girl (well almost every girl) dreams about. I thought I would share my engagement story with you. It is fun for me to look back and makes me draw closer to him too!

So, here we go.

We went up to his house for the weekend from school. We went up to celebrate his sister’s birthday, which also happens to be the day that he proposed. I was not expecting anything. We had talked about it but I did not expect to be on this trip or even this soon really. I was completely oblivious as I am about most things. We had gone up after classes on Friday and spent the night with his family. We actually had gotten into an argument about something that night. I can’t remember what it was and it was probably something completely stupid anyway. We went to sleep, I upstairs and he in the basement. It was not a good night sleep after being on edge with each other. The next morning he comes upstairs and kisses my forehead and tells me to get freshened up and breakfast will be ready in a couple minutes. I thought he was trying to make amends for the night before. So, I get up and meet him downstairs. We walk over to the apartment above the garage (which was where we spent our first year of marriage.). I am still not expecting anything. He is carrying a tray full of delicious breakfast foods. Breakfast is one of my favorite meals and he made sure to include my favorite parts of breakfast including grape juice and bacon. 🙂

We made it up to the apartment and I open the door first and there are candles all over the apartment! Again, first thing in the morning I was completely oblivious to what was going on. I thought he was seriously trying to make up for the night before. I was pretty impressed. So, we sat down at the little dining room table and ate breakfast and talked about how we slept and bad dreams and what not. He then put on some music and held out his hand for me to dance. I thought it was just cheesy and cute and still thinking, man he is really going all out for this making amends. We dance for about a minute and then he stops right next to this little table that I had not noticed before. He goes down on one knee and asks me to be his wife and then points to the little table. I did not see this coming, so my initial reaction was legitimately, “Oh Crap!” I then started crying and obviously said yes. The ring was a table that had candles arranged in the shape of a heart. It was in the middle of the heart so it made the ring super sparkly.

It was one of the best moments! Now, here I am a year and a half in and I don’t regret any part of it!
How did your husband propose or how did you propose to your wife?

See ya!


P.s. Happy voting day!


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2 responses to “Marriage: Best Thing Ever!

  1. martha

    Loved reading your story! I had never heard it! love you!

  2. Nice. Then you call your mom and she says, “Oh, crap.” Ha! Good memories, good ones! 🙂 Love you guys!

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