Crockpot Potatoes!

Ok guys, so Thanksgiving has come and gone and yet I have not told you what I made for the big potluck meal that we had up at Arapahoe Basin!

I had pinned crockpot potatoes not too long before Thanksgiving, not really thinking about actually using the recipe this Thanksgiving!. But I did actually end up using it and it was delicious. Who would have thought that potatoes could be so good coming from the crockpot?!

The night before I had to work and so I did not get home until 9:30. That means the potatoes did not get in the crockpot until 9:45 and they had to cook for four hours! What?! That meant they would not be done until 1:45am. I was not about to stay up, so I put them in, went to bed, set an alarm and got up mashed the potatoes and went right back to bed. Lol!

Here is the link for the recipe. I followed it exactly and they turned out great!

Here is them in the crockpot….











The only problem is… I just realized that I did not take a picture of the finished product.
Let it be known, it was 1:45 am when I mashed, but I did have all day to take a picture…

Funny story about the potatoes though. The crockpot in the picture above, is no longer with us.

We took the crockpot with us to A-Basin. Tj stuck it in the snow while we were waiting for a space on the camp grill to heat up our taters. Well, not thinking about it, after 20 minutes in the snow, he stuck it right onto the grill. Needless to say, the bottom completely cracked! There ended up being a nice hole in the bottom. So, that meant I had to get a new one right?! And the next day did just happen to be black friday right?! So, I replaced it with a beautiful red crockpot that came with a tiny crockpot for dips. 🙂 See?

So, that is my thanksgiving adventures! What are great stories from your Thanksgiving?!

See ya!

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