The Dreaded “B” Word

Sorry I have not posted in a while! Life has been busy. Working at REI during the holiday season is quite the bear. Working in any retail location during the holiday season is a beast! Shopping or even just going out for groceries is a little more difficult during this time of the year. But work is good and having customers is good so that I can keep my job so I won’t complain. It just means that posting is a little more difficult. I am hardly home and when I am, I usually have laundry or dishes or something else to catch up on. The To-Do list is never ending! 

But I was thinking tonight. TJ and I want to buy a house and we really just feel the weight of our student loans looming over our heads constantly! I mean I know that we have less than others out there but it still is not an amount that one can pay off in a month. It takes time, especially when one or both spouses work retail. So, I am really trying to zone in on where we can cut back and what we can do to maybe bump up our income a little. I will probably be pretty honest here and also looking to you for suggestions, tips, encouragement. 

One of our “weaknesses” I guess you could call it that, is eating out. In PA, there weren’t too many restaurants we were desperate to eat out at. Sheetz was our issue out there. Once we moved to the Metro Denver area, dude, there are so many restaurants and places that we really really want to eat at! It is ridiculous! We are always able to wiggle some justification into the situation. Lol! So, one are I am definitely focusing on eating at home more and cutting back on our eating out expenses. I started creating a menu! Really trying to keep on track and keep our expenses down! If I want to pay off our loans, I would rather skimp on eating out that dealing with this big cloud over my head all the time. 

I read this book called The Art of Eating In, where this lady cooked at home or had house parties with her friends for a whole year instead of her usual eating out. She saved a ton of money and honestly built more meaningful memories with her friends as well. It’ll be a challenge but I want to aim in that direction. Try a bunch of different recipes. Only have a date day once a week with TJ where we make it a special occasion to eat out. 

I will keep you up to date on the budgeting. Share with you the challenges and the victories. 

See ya!

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