Merry Christmas!

This is usually my favorite time of year! I love Christmas! I love giving gifts! I love finding something that my friends and family will truly love. Gift giving is one of my love languages. I love to give gifts and I love to receive them! It is just something special.

However this year I noticed I was feeling a little different. This is my first year away from home. I have always spent Christmas with my family and that is part of the reason it has been so special. They are seriously the best and I miss them terribly! There are so many traditions that I have with them that is part of what makes Christmas so special! So that is not really here which put a little damper on things. Then I have been so busy with work that looking for great gifts was not easy. We were always busy with something and so my gifts this year were just not up to my usual standards. Haha! I am also working customer service at REI this holiday season. We do alot of the out of store orders and returns. It also means we deal with the people who are not so nice during the holiday season. It really puts a damper on the holiday season. I go home after work and just can’t wait for the holidays to be over. Not a great outlook on this joyous time of year!

So, I am trying to just forget about work for the next two days and enjoy the joy of life and take time to be thankful for the loved ones in my life. I think having all of these shootings so close to Christmas makes you realize just how precious life is and how precious those that you love are! So, cherish the time you have with your family!

Also, remember the reason for the season. It is not to get the best present, it is the birth of Christ. Keep that in mind when you go out shopping or doing returns after Christmas! Show Christ’s love no matter where you are or how long the line is!

Merry Christmas everybody!


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  1. Working retail during the Christmas season always gives you a different perspective. I hope your holiday was a good one! Love you!

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