Iced Tea in the Keurig

So I found this awesome pin that makes iced tea in the Keurig. Sometimes, I just want one glass of sweet tea and so this is perfect! Super easy and quick too. 

Here is the link to try it for yourself!


It is super simple. All you need is one of those reusable K-cup filters and some bags of  tea. You can choose which tea you want to use, but I had Luzanne on hand so that is what I went with! It turned out great!



I took the filter and put the tea bag in the filter and just ran it through as if it were a cup of coffee. Its as simple as that!



It brought out this delicious cup of tea! Sorry for the sideways picture! I tried to fix it!

Try it for yourself!


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One response to “Iced Tea in the Keurig

  1. Thanks. Great idea! I’m always looking for new ways to use my Keurig! I think it saved my marriage…

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