My Little Man

I know I probably post about my little man alot. He really is like my child. He is the best and yet the worst at times. He is a cutie and a terror. He is a baby and wise. He loves to play and loves to sleep. He has two speeds, spaz and completely asleep. He has a thing for minty flavors such as toothpaste and tums. He hates when we leave and protests sometimes violently. He is a loner at the dog park but does not shy away from running and chasing other dogs when the opportunity arises. He likes to hide in small spaces. He loves fluffy beds and couches. He loves to escape. He has the most beautiful eyes. He loves to cuddle in the mornings (only the mornings). He loves to give kisses whether you want them or not. He loves to tear apart the trash. He loves to tear apart make-up bags. (Weird right?) He is a husky. He is my little man and adds so much to our little family. 

I found a bunch of pictures of my little man, so I’m going to share him with you. He’s a cutie!













The many shades of my little guy. Love him!

Do you have any pups? I would love to see pictures!



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