Home Sweet Home!

So I have finally gotten around to getting pictures of all of my house! I have wanted to make sure the house looks halfway decent before I showed you pictures of it. Here is the big reveal! Tada!


Here it is!
Our Home!







Here is our living room. That is the front door in the background.


Off to the side of the living room is the little dining nook. The light is great there!



Picture is a little dark but that is my kitchen. Love it!



The master bedroom, there is a closet off on the left. You can see the backyard and garage through the back window. There is also a side window!


The guest bedroom/office/storage lol. It provided a great space to put that big desk we got at the thrift store last year!



There is a closet and some boxes in there currently. Working on getting some more bookshelves. We have a lot of books!


Bathroom next to the master bedroom with my super cute ikea shower curtain!



A little bit smaller sink than we had in the apartment but I have my own house so its totally ok!


Stairwell to the basement! Look at the cute red door! Love it!


The basement. Currently the storage center.


The backyard. Completely fenced in. Needs some landscaping and work but it makes it so easy so let the dog out.



There is a little shed in the backyard as well. Yay!


Back of the garage and a fence entrance.



Front of the garage!

Well there you have it. A little late but hey life gets to you sometimes right?

Hope you enjoyed the tour!

See ya!


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5 responses to “Home Sweet Home!

  1. martha

    Lovely! So happy for you guys!

  2. Aww. I love it! So cute!!! I want to see it in person. 😦

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