With a new home comes finding new ways to store the items that you currently have. Under the sink storage is one place that is always a disaster in my house… Until now!

I was getting so frustrated with the mess that would fall out from under my sink every time I would dig to find something. TJ was getting just as frustrated, if not more. But the pipes really get in the way of some solid storage under the sink. You really have to think about it and what would work best with the strange layout of space under there. Well I found something that I love!

Here is the before:


This is kitchen sink. As you can see on the left, there is plenty of upwards storage space that is honestly not being used. What a waste!



The bathroom sink. You can’t see it as well but there is also some great upwards space that is not being used.

DSCN8740 DSCN8741

I found these little metal shelves at Ikea. It has this cute kind of retro look to the top. They come as two separate shelves and you screw them together. They fit perfectly into the space! There are these wide ones that we put into the kitchen sink storage.



It really utilized all of the available space and made everything have a place. It has made the area much more accessible and organized.

We also found some smaller shelves of the same style that we about half the size of the larger ones. Those ones we put under the bathroom sink.


Made the bathroom sink storage space less of a hazard when opening the cupboard door. So awesome!
I might spray paint them or something at some point. Maybe a prettier color than the white. I don’t know.

Thoughts? What color should I paint the shelves?

See ya!

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  1. I just used this shelf for a different project. Check it out on my site! ~M.

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