Recipe: Waffled Cinnamon Rolls (and other updates)

I am a sucker for sweet breakfast foods. I am really a sucker for any sweets altogether. It can be kind of a problem. Haha. Anyway, TJ ended up calling in sick today because of a horrible migraine. Poor TJ. But that meant I could make these waffled cinnamon rolls as kind of a special treat! I only bought one little can of cinnamon rolls so it only made two for each of us but oh boy were they yummy!

You can find the original recipe/post here. 

Mine turned out a little bigger than hers but definitely as yummy as hers I’m sure. Haha!

I forgot to take a picture of when I put them on the griddle but I took an after!

How cute are those!



Then you take the icing and drizzle it all over the waffles. So stinking yummy!!!

It is super easy.
You turn on your waffle maker and you left it preheat.
Once it is ready, you spray both sides with nonstick spray and you open the can of cinnamon rolls and place them on the griddle.
I let mine sit for about 2 1/2 minutes. That was perfect.
I also microwaved my icing a little bit to be able to drizzle it all over the waffles.
There you go! Delicious sounding right?!

Try it!

In other news, April is coming up! If you have been with me long enough you know that last year I did the A to Z Challenge. This year I am participating again! I want to try and make it more cohesive but we will see how that comes along. If you want to join in the A to Z blogging challenge you can find all of the information and the sign-up list here.  It is so much and can honestly be a challenge to keep on topic or even find a topic that corresponds with that letter.

Keep an eye out for A to Z posts in a couple days!

See ya!



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5 responses to “Recipe: Waffled Cinnamon Rolls (and other updates)

  1. Waffles…. yum!
    If only I had a waffle maker..

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  3. yummy
    nice to meet a fellow A to Zer
    anchors away…

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