C- Carbonated Beverages

With summer coming I am realizing that swimsuit season is coming up and I’m not a fan of what I am seeing in the mirror. One of my weaknesses is soda. (Carbonated beverages happened to fit better lol) I love the tastes and the carbonation of soda. They are so delicious! But… they also pack in a ton of weight when it really comes down to it. I don’t know the stats on it but I have heard so many people say that when they cut out soda they lost a good amount of weight. So, I am at least attempting to cut back on them. I am a person who can’t just go cold turkey but cutting back and finding other drinks to suit my taste buds and be better for me is definitely something I am aiming for.

I am going to do my best to cut back from having soda fairly frequently to only a time or two a week and start there. My body could definitely use the hiatus from soda lol.

All month you are going to see me post about better options for food and for drinks. I show you how I switched it up for a couple of days by infusing my water with some fruit. I want to live a healthier lifestyle and that includes what I eat, drink, and do with my time. I know I am taking a deeper look at what I am doing and not doing that could affect my body and mood, I hope with spring here, a time of refreshing, you will take a look too!

See ya!


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3 responses to “C- Carbonated Beverages

  1. Hi!
    I’m stopping in for the A-Z Challenge. Thanks for sharing your carbonated drink plan. I love the bubbles of carbonation and still get them with the Chrystal Geyser Juice Squeeze carbonated juice drinks from Trader Joe’s. The Mountain Berry flavor is tops. Give it a whirl, carbonated girl!
    Alicia from newhousegirl.blogspot.com

  2. Stopping by from A to Z. 🙂 Something I found that gets me through soda cravings is to mix seltzer water & juice or Crystal Lite. It gives me the bubbles & some of the sweetness without so many calories. Good luck!!

  3. I struggle with the same kind of moderation. I wish there was another way to enjoy the taste without the weight causing qualities.

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