D- Days Off

Today I had a wonderful day off! I was hoping TJ would too but he ended up working so it was just me and the little man! The weather was close to 70 today! Warm weather always makes a day off better. I had (have) all the windows open and had the back door open so that my little man could come and go as he pleased!  He was one content little pup. 

I am finding days off to be more and more special as I work more and more. I cherish the time to refresh. It really helps my mood and overall perspective the rest of the week. We all need time to refresh and recenter and not get swept away by life. In the book I am reading currently, the author talks alot about enjoying the little things in life. It really plays a key role in the joy and the fullness we experience out of life. I mean she is talking in terms of weight loss but I think the principle applies to so many more areas of life! 

Days off don’t have to mean sitting around doing nothing. Today I went and got my hair cut, and got some treats for game night tonight, and some wine to go with our delicious dinner! I cleaned and did laundry but I just had a great time and enjoyed time outside with my pup. It was just awesome! 

So, take time. Enjoy life. Enjoy some time for yourself or with others. Just carpe diem! 

See ya!


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3 responses to “D- Days Off

  1. You’re right…days off and time to refresh are so important to our well being and creativity.

    Pauleen @ http://troppont.wordpress.com
    A to Z 2013

  2. I need a day off! I get Saturday and Sunday, but would like to have a day off other than that. You encourage me to find a day.

  3. mcrohio

    Thanks for sharing your day! Now catch up with the A to Z calendar or we won’t be hearing from you again. That would be too bad. Mary at Mary A to Z

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