F- French Women Don’t Get Fat

Book Review time! It just so happens that F comes just when I finish this book! How awesome! This is not the first time I have read this book. It was a reread of the book. It has so really great principles in it that one can always stand to reread and rethink about.

It is a diet book of sorts and yet not. She is a frenchwoman who explains how the majority of french women continue to stay thin even when they enjoy so much pleasure in their drink and food. She does not tell you what you can and cannot eat, she just tells you how to enjoy life and yet still stan thin and healthy.

Pros: I love the way she talks. She throws in stories of her childhood and of other areas of her life. It is just an extremely enjoyable read! She does not make you feel guilty for wanting to enjoy chocolate and bread and wine and champagne. She shares her secrets for how to enjoy them while learning the discipline of moderation. I love how she talks about some of our weaknesses as offenders and how to cut them out. It is not a follow these steps and you will lose pounds in weeks kind of a book. It is a this lifestyle is one that so many frenchwomen follow and look how happy and healthy they are kind of book. So awesome!

Cons: Sometimes she can come across as a little snooty. It happens. She also uses french phrases throughout her book and doesn’t explain them so it can be a little frustrating but again it happens. She tries to be relatable and sometimes just does not succeeding. She lives a very posh lifestyle which to me feels not quite so relatable sometimes.

Overall I love this book. I bought it and will most likely reread it again sometime down the line. I definitely recommend it. Pick it up at your local library or bookstore. Read read read guys!

See ya!

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