Book Review: A Homemade Life

Ok, lets get something out on the table. I have a problem. Like it can be downright ridiculous sometimes. Take this week for example. I have read three books just this week. Granted a couple of them I had started and then put down to pick up another one but at least this one I picked up three days ago and I’m done. I plan on starting the next one when I am done posting this. So, like I said, I have a problem. 

I just finished reading A Homemade Life by Molly Wizenberg. Oh my goodness, I loved this book. This book is essentially a recipe book but unlike other recipe books, she shares stories about how she got this recipe or memories that make this recipe one of her favorites. I love that. And let me say these recipes look simply amazing! Some of them she came about by accident. Some are from friends. Some are from family. You get a kind of biography as well as a recipe book in one volume! 

Pros: Her writing was so readable. It was also extremely relatable. You could picture her stories perfectly. You could also taste her recipes without actually making them. So awesome. I loved the shorter chapters. I could read a chapter at a time or several chapters at a time. She was not pretentious about her food or recipes. I love how she said that recipes are meant to be shared and that secret recipes are just frustrating! We all want to replicate something that we find delicious so why hide it?

Cons: I can’t think of any off the top of my head. She kept flip flopping between foodie and not foodie. But that is how I am too so that did not really bother me either lol. Right off the bat, I can’t think of anything. I hope she continues writing. 

Overall it was a really good read. Definitely made me want to go experiment with some simple ingredients a little more. It was a feel good kind of read. I loved her voice and the vibrance with which she painted her life. It was just lovely. 

Check it out! You can also check out her blog here

See ya!

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