G- Greens

Summer is coming! Well, maybe after this “blizzard” that is supposed to roll through tomorrow. Oh Denver in the spring time. You know what that means, fresh fruits and VEGGIES!!! I am so excited! I have been finding new recipes throughout the year for veggies all kind of ways. Fresh vegetables will be the best way to implement these recipes. 

It is also inspiring me to eat more veggies and live a healthier lifestyle. As I have said before, spring is a time of refreshment and a time to rejuvenate. Veggies are a great way to bring that about to your health this spring and summer.

I am going to be growing some herbs and hopefully some green beans this year. It will take some time but I want to gradually grow a garden so that I can have my own fresh vegetables. Yay! 

Are you excited for fresh veggies and fruits this summer?!

See ya!


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4 responses to “G- Greens

  1. I love veggies and herbs. will be planting the latter this year. Good luck with your growing and enjoy the Challenge!

  2. Good luck with your growing endeavors this year! Enjoy the Challenge!

  3. I love fresh corn on the cob! Yum!! Can’t wait for that season…

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