I – Infused Water

I have found a new favorite trick to drinking more water! Coming from soda that has so much flavor, it is hard to just go to plain water, right?! Well, hold on to your seats because I have come to find the solution! Infused (or flavored) water! I got the idea originally from Pinterest. There is a picture here. No recipe, just a picture that brought about some inspiration!

It is strawberry mint unfused water! Two of my favorite flavors!

I decided to do it for work, to help me drink more during the day.

So I took my Nalgene….


I cut up a couple strawberries and some mint, and poured very cold water in it. I think one day I did ice and the other day I didn’t. Both days very flavorful!

It definitely helped me to drink more throughout the day. Seriously, so delicious!

Give it a go! How do you try to drink more water?

See ya!


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2 responses to “I – Infused Water

  1. I do that with Lime in the summer, so refreshing.


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