Book Review: Consumed

I started reading Consumed by Ben Barber. I started and did not finish. I am always willing to give a book a chance. I can’t remember how this one got on my list, but somehow it must have snuck on. (Snuck is a word, right?) Well, I was desperately trying to give it a go and just could not bring myself to keep going. It is not because it wasn’t fiction. It is not because I can’t stand books that are highly intelligent. I love books that make me think! But, this book was not working. 

Pros: He had a good point. We Americans are no longer the consumer so much as we are being consumed. We focus so much on what we want and so much on the material things sometimes that we lose ourselves. He did his research and had all the stats to back it up.

Cons: It was so dry. It was like reading a textbook, but even then kind of worse. I enjoyed some or most of my textbooks, but this book, not so much. I just felt like I was dragging myself through the first 40 pages. I honestly could not muster more. 

Overall, if you like research and just the stats, go for it. Otherwise, move along. It was so dry and boring I most likely would not recommend this book to anyone. Oh well. 

Have you read it? Your thoughts?

See ya!


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3 responses to “Book Review: Consumed

  1. I haven’t read this, but he would probably be better at writing a textbook?

  2. Anything on television advertises…your about to be consumed…that and magazine’s. I think I figured that out when I was in my teens! Probably a very dry book, written by perhaps one that was sucked into buying at one point in his or her life! Ha Ha

  3. Hello! I haven’t read this book but I’ve heard about it. I think my mom may have read it? She’s really into minimalism so it sounds like something she’d read. When I was younger, I used to make myself to finish a book even if I didn’t like it. I don’t do that anymore because there are so many wonderful books out there and so little time to read them; it doesn’t make sense to read something you’re not really enjoying. I give it at least 100 pages to pull me in! At least you gave this book a shot and liked some if it!

    Happy A to Z-ing! from Laura Marcella @ Wavy Lines

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