P- Planting!

I know this is ridiculous to be talking about when I have several inches of snow still on the ground here in Denver, but I am ready for the warm weather and I am ready to be planting. Several weeks ago I got super excited and bought some seed packets, maybe a little prematurely. But I have the day off today, and I am going to be planting the herbs in these little jars so maybe I can get that done today, who knows? I love the idea of having fresh herbs. I also bought a packet of green beans to plant. Those will have to wait though. I am excited for fresh vegetables! Maybe I will even plant some strawberries! I love fresh strawberries!

Are you planning on planting anything? If so, what are you going to or have already planted this year? I keep forgetting most of the country is warming up. Lol!

See ya!


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5 responses to “P- Planting!

  1. M

    Nice blog. Just checking in to say hi. Margareta

  2. We are in the middle of a snow storm right now, so it’s hard to imagine planting anything. Green beans and tomatoes are on the list so far. Hopefully it warms up soon!

  3. My Granddaughter and I have planted a tomato plant and already have 2 small tomatoes! She is so excited!!
    A to Z-ing to the end
    Peanut Butter and Whine

  4. I attempted to water plants this week. I ended up with a tick in my back. Not a fan of planting. Plus, I tend to kill everything that is green.

  5. I’m no green thumb, but I love having a little garden. Although I live in an apartment, we’ve managed to grow cucumbers and tomatoes on our deck the last few summers. This year we’re thinking of adding some yellow beans. Oh I just love spring!

    Have fun with a-z.

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